Following his recent death, Vanguard Group founder Jack Bogle was widely and generously eulogized – and justifiably so. But if everyone followed Bogle’s investment strategy, market prices would turn into nonsense and would provide no direction to economic
China’s rapid investment-led growth in recent decades has been fueled by high levels of national savings, but this unbalanced development path appears increasingly risky. The country must now reduce its excessive savings by shifting to a model focused on
In the last few years, globalization has come under renewed attack. Some of the criticisms may be misplaced, but one is spot on: Globalization has enabled large multinationals, like Apple, Google, and Starbucks, to avoid paying tax.
The European Parliament, which represents European citizens, was established as the legislative branch of the European Union.
Good infrastructure can creates huge spillover effects in the region around a project, which can promote regional cooperation and integration. The demand for infrastructure in the Asia and Pacific region is great. To better finance infrastructure, multila