Gong Xue

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Gong Xue


Education background

Doctor of Philosophy, RSIS, NTU,2017

Master of Science, in Asian Studies, RSIS, NTU, 2010-2011

Bachelor of Philosophy, Nanjing Normal University, 2005-2009

Work experience

Exchange Research student under JASSO Scholarship, Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University, 2015-2015

University Teaching for Teaching Assistant, Nanyang Technological University, 2014-2015

PhD Student Representative of Student Committee Board of RSIS, 2012 - 2014]

Secretary of Northeast Asia RSIS Alumni Association in Tokyo ,2014- 2016

PhD Student Representative to Japan University Consortium for Peace and Human Security in Asia Hiroshima University, Short-Term Study Programm under JASSO scholarship, Aug 3- 14 2013

Research interest

China’s Economic Diplomacy, Chinese Overseas Investments, State-Firms relations, China-ASEAN relations, Chinese Companies Corporate Social Responsibilities.

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