Emily Rebecca Williams

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Emily Rebecca Williams


Education background

British Council Scholar, Ningbo University, Ningbo,China, 2015-2016

PhD, in Humanities& Cultural Studies,London Consortium, Birkbeck College School of Arts, 2011-2016

M.A. in International Studies (Politics) ,Distinction-Goldsmiths College, 2010

M.A. in History ,University of Edinburgh, 2007

Work experience

Research Appointments

Research Assistant , ChinesePoster Collection, University of Westminster, 2012-2014

Teaching Appointments

Lecturer/Tutor, Christie’s Education, MA Arts of China, 2016-2017

Senior Teaching Fellow - SOAS, Department of History, 2016-2017

Guest Lecturer , SOAS, BA course entitled Art and Culture in Modern China, February 2016

Guest Lecturer ,Christie’s Education,MA Arts of China, June 2015

Seminar leader, Birkbeck College, School of Arts, 2013-2015

Research interest

Twentieth-century Chinese history, Chinese culturalhistory,transnational history, global history, Cold War history, Chinese communism, political theory, Western perceptions of China, Sino-British relations, propaganda,material culture studies, visual culture studies, collecting.

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