Dahlia Hasta Colman

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·      The University of Chicago  September 2013 – Present

Graduate student in the Committee onInternational Relations Master of Arts Program, Division of Social Sciences

·      Sarah Lawrence College    January 2010 – December 2012

Completed a Bachelor of Arts, with aconcentration in Economics and Geography.

·      University of Kings College    September2008 - May 2009

Spent first year of university in anintensive western philosophy great books program (the Foundation Year Program).


Ongoing articles on my DavisProject for Peace, published on the University of Chicago’s I-House website:


Working Paper,Exploring Food Secure Frameworks for MarketIntegration: Farmers’ Cooperatives in Samdrup Jonkhar, Bhutan(http://www.politicalecology.org/)

Interview with the PrimeMinister of Bhutan published in the Solutions Journal -http://www.thesolutionsjournal.com/node/934

The Millennium DevelopmentGoals, a Guide for Teens, Atlantic Council for International Cooperation 

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