Postdoctor Wang Jin of FDFRC offered lucid communication and discussion on the topic of “Caveats on the writing of Government Plan and Documents”, with his experience of
The conference reviewed the work of the club in 2014, reported the 2015 work plan, and made constructive recommendations on how to improve the social influence of FZIES an
The third issue contains each significant activities and achievements of Financial Research Center, Fudan University (FDFRC) from July 2014 to December 2014. It has 6 subj
Outstanding student representatives from Yale-National University of Singapore College (Yale-NUS College) and Globe China Connection (GCC), Yale-NUS College visited FDFRC,
January Seventeenth Issue: China Economy Picks up Again February Eighteenth Issue: Bad Factors in Many Aspects Affects Internal and External Economy Recovery March Ninet