On December 16, 2016, the first Preparatory Meeting and Signing Ceremony of Shanghai Forum 2016 was held at Fudan University. Jiao Yang, Chairman of the University Council, welcomed Park In-kook, President of Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, and sho
On December 20, 2016, FDDI Overseas Visiting Scholar Seminar “Regulating Maritime Activities in the High North” was held in Fudan University.The seminar was o
On November 14, 2016, “Managing Competition in the Digital Era” 2016 Fudan Development Forum was held in Fudan University. The forum was organized by Fudan De
The Second California-Shanghai Innovation Dialogue opens on September 13, 2016.
On September 12-14, 2016, the Shanghai-California Innovation Dialogue was held at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. Susan Shirk, research professor at UC San