Elsevier issued 2014 Most Cited Chinese Researchers list. Prof. Sun Qian, Deputy Director of FDFRC is in the list as one of the 15 more cited researchers in the fields of
Prof. Liu Chenggong, deputy party Secretary of Fudan University, deputy president and secretary-general of FDDI, visited the U.S. and achieve complete success, accompanied
Prof. Wu Xinbo, deputy president of FDDI, executive deputy president of Institute of International Studies and director of the U.S. Studies Center, attended World Economic
Dai Jixin, Chief investment officer of Xintian Fund, graduated from department of physics in 1992, served as the main speaker. He discussed about “Macro Investment and It
Postdoctor Wang Jin of FDFRC offered lucid communication and discussion on the topic of “Caveats on the writing of Government Plan and Documents”, with his experience of