Fudan Development Institute Launched “Arctic Seminar Series”

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Fudan Development Institute Launched “Arctic Seminar Series”

2017年12月7日, 复旦发展研究院启动了一项新的学术研究活动——北极研讨会系列,并于当日举行该系列首次研讨会。来自北欧各国领事馆、地方商务机构、复旦北欧中心和其他上海高校的约二十位代表出席会议。发言和讨论主要聚焦于 “一带一路”倡议为北极地区带来积极影响的可能性,以及俄罗斯与北欧国家在政治目标和经济结果上的差异。

Fudan Development Institute has launched the new research activity – FDDI Arctic seminars series. The first workshop was held on 7 December 2017 and gathered almost 20 participants from Nordic Consulates, local business representatives, Nordic Center Fudan and other Shanghai universities. Presentations and discussion focused on the “Belt and Road” Initiative in the Arctic and defined divergence between political ambitions and economic outcomes for Russia and Nordic countries.


复旦发展研究院访问学者、挪威Akvaplan-Niva咨询公司研究员 Artur Gushchin做了第一个报告,主要关注落实“冰上丝绸之路”的具体措施,介绍了北海航线上中俄集装箱和散装船的经贸数据,强调了中俄未来的合作领域,包括船舶设计、机器人技术、贸易数字化等。

The first presentation by Artur Gushchin (Akvaplan-Niva/FDDI) paid attention to the real-ground implementation of the Ice Silk Road, introduced Sino-Russian calculations of the container and bulk carriers economy on the Northern Sea Route and highlighted future cooperation areas between Beijing and Moscow in efficient ship design, robot technologies and trade digitalization. 


中国极地研究所的客座研究员Egill Thor Nielsen重点阐述了冰岛关于北极合作和自由贸易协议的看法。他分析了中国投资北极的起源和目的,并根据16+1合作(中国-中东欧合作),对建立5+1合作(中国-北欧合作)的可能性提供了一些分析和建议。

Egill Thor Nielsen, visiting scholar from the Polar Research Institute, prioritized Icelandic perspectives on Arctic cooperation and free trade agreements, explained the origin and purpose of Chinese investments into the Arctic and provided analytical suggestions on possibility of 5+1 (Nordics) cooperation following the form of 16+1 (Central and Eastern Europe). 




Ding Tao, Fudan University research associate professor (School of Information Science and Technology) covered Chinese remote-sensing, ship-detection and iceberg monitoring opportunities in the region, give perspectives on Arctic big data use for research and commercial use and brought forward suggestions on future scientific China-Europe collaboration.


The next Arctic Fudan seminar is scheduled for March. Regarding participation, please email to fdifudan@fudan.edu.cn,arthur.guschin@gmail.comarthur.guschin(at)gmail.com.

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