The Minister of Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science Visited FDDI

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 In the afternoon of September 22nd 2017, Søren Pind, the minister of Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, along with his delegation, visited Fudan University and Fudan Development Institution (FDDI).




Professor Peng Xizheand Professor Chen Yinzhang, respectively vice dean and secretary-general of FDDI, gave the visiting delegation a warm reception.






In response to the request from the delegation,ProfessorPeng made a speech on the status quo of China’s economic and social development under the “New Normal”, and answered questions from the delegation members. ProfessorPengpointed out in his speech that Denmark and China are both faced with a similar set of problems and challenges in social development, and could learn from each other’s experiences.




By the end of the meeting, Professor Chen Yinzhang,on behalf of FDDI, exchanged presents withthe minister Søren Pind.

Fudan University has a long and goodfriendship with educational and research institutions in Denmark. In 2013, the Fudan-European Center for China Studies was established within the collaborative framework between Fudan University and the University of Copenhagen, which has been highly regarded by the Nordic Council of Ministers.Supported by Fudan Development Institution (FDDI) and Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS), the Center seeks a more nuanced and balanced understanding of China’s development. The Center is also committed to integrating and broadening academic resources and build a unique international network for knowledge innovation on China.



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