Application for the Host of Roundtables of Shanghai Forum 2020 Officially Opens Up


Shanghai Forum 2020 will be held on May 9, 2020. The application for roundtables officially opens up to universities, think tanks, governments and enterprises all over the world.

I: About Shanghai Forum

i. Introduction

Shanghai Forum is one of the most influential international forums held in Shanghai, and is exclusively named after Shanghai at present. Founded in 2005, hosted by Fudan University, the Forum has been successfully held 14 times. With the mission of "concentrating on Asia, focusing on hot issues, congregating elites, promoting interaction, enhancing cooperation and seeking consensus", the Forum focuses on "Global Governance and Asia".

Every May, the Forum holds an annual meeting in Shanghai, with more than 1,500 participants from all over the world. The forum invites the best brains such as political dignitaries, distinguished scholars and elites from different circles to deliver keynote speeches on the important issues in Asia and China.

ii. Theme for 2020

Asia’s New Journey: the Decade Ahead

iii. Date: May 9th-11th 2020



Opening Ceremony










Closing Ceremony

II: The Application Requirements

i. Applicants qualification

Applicants should be persons in charge of research institutes, think tanks, enterprises, media or government institutes with significant academic or social resources and influence in relevant fields.

ii. Application Guide

1. Duration: The duration of every roundtable/session is 3.5 hours (i.e. half a day).

2. Topic: The forum emphasizes interdisciplinary discussions. The roundtable application needs to be closely integrated with the general theme “Asia’s new journey: the decade ahead”,to focus on hot issues, and to conduct interdisciplinary and multi-angle discussions.  Please combine your affiliation's characteristics and research strengths, and then choose one of the following three directions or the special topic, and draw a roundtable theme:

1) Science and Technology Development (including but not limited to topics such as artificial intelligence, biomedicine, integrated circuit, as well as issues related to the future direction and trend of technological innovation development, especially focusing on its impact on industrial structure, social governance, environment and health management)

2) Regional Development (including but not limited to topics such as regional integration, emerging economies, the Belt and Road Initiative, Asia’s development, as well as issues concerning regional development, such as international trade, economy & finance and industry chains, etc.)

3) Global Governance (including but not limited to topics such as the reform of international system, building and reinforcement of international rules, establishment of strategic partnerships, multilateral/bilateral diplomacy, international organizations, global security and global health)

4) Special Topic: Shanghai’s Development and the Yangtze River Delta Integration

3. Chair: Each roundtable/session will have one chair or two co-chairs. The Chair (or co-chair) is generally the convener of the roundtable, served or invited by the applicant.  According to the requirements of Shanghai Forum Organization Committee, the chairs are responsible for the following tasks:

1) Nominate speakers. After the approval of the organizing committee, the chair will cooperate with the organizing committee to pre-invite the speakers, and then the organizing committee will issue an official invitation letter.

2) Determine the format of the meeting and design agenda

3) Collect papers/abstracts

4) Prepare and participate in Shanghai Forum 2020 Preparation Meeting

5) Submit a policy research report

4. Contact Person: Contact person should be designated by the chair /co-chair or the applicant. The contact person is expected to assist the chair and to cooperate with Shanghai Forum Organizing Committee.


1) Assisting the chair with the preparatory work

2) Meeting arrangement and preparation

3) Coordinating among the chair, the organizing committee and speakers.

4) Assisting in the preparation of conference materials as required by the Organizing Committee


1) Study or work in China, residence in Shanghai preferred

2) Ability to communicate fluently in both Chinese and English

3) Strong sense of responsibility and strong coordination ability

5. Speakers: The applicant shall draw up a list of speakers in accordance with the requirements of the "Application Form of Shanghai Forum 2020" (Annex 1), and cooperate with the organizing committee to promote the invitation work after being approved.

Composition: Speakers are expected to be influential in the relative fields and have the characteristics of diversity and internationalization:

1) Diversity: the institutions to which the guest speakers belong, including universities, research institutions, think tanks, enterprises, government departments, international organizations or the media, etc. should vary.

2) Internationalization: the nationalities of speakers or speakers’ affiliations are expected to be diversified. The number of speakers outside China should account for at least 50% of the total.

Number of Speakers: Each roundtable/session can invite no more than 10 speakers (including the Chair). Of which:

1) No more than 5 from outside China

2) No more than 5 from China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), including 1-2 from Shanghai 

iii. Expense:

The forum will bear the relevant conference costs according to our rules and standards. The specific details will be notified to the applicant after your application is approved. 

iv. Priority will be given to those who could (Please indicate in the application email):

1. Publish research reports or policy advisory reports for the first time at Shanghai Forum

2. Assist Shanghai Forum in inviting appropriate keynote speakers for the opening and closing ceremonies, such as national politicians, academic authorities (such as Nobel Prize winners in economics), renowned business leaders, etc.

3. Cover the costs associated with the roundtable/session; or introduce high-quality cooperation institutions and projects, or to provide financial support for Shanghai Forum, etc.

4. Interdisciplinary cooperate with internationally renowned institutions to host roundtables

III: How to apply

If you are interested in organizing roundtables of Shanghai Forum, please download and fill out the "Application Form for Shanghai Forum 2020 " and send it back to the email address: before October 20, 2019. The result will be announced after a responsible process of selection.

Shanghai Forum Organizer: Fudan Development Institute

Address: Think Tank Building, Fudan University, 220 Handan Road, Shanghai, China

Contact Information: Ms. Luo 86-21-55664081

Ms. Deng 86-21-65642354

Ms. Zhao 86-21-55664590

Fax: 86-021-55670203

Thank you for your attention and participation! Please contact the organizing committee if there is any problem.

Annex1 Applications forms of Shanghai Forum 2020.docx

Annex2 Introduction of Shanghai Forum.pdf