FDDI Overseas Visiting Scholar Seminar(56)

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FDDI Overseas Visiting Scholar Seminar(56)

From Shadow Banking to Digital Financial Inclusion: China’s Rise and the Politics of Epistemic Contestation within the Financial Stability Board


付中昊 丨Dr. FU Zhonghao

Lecturer, School of Economics, Fudan University



Julian Gruin

阿姆斯特丹大学 副教授

Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam


Peter Knaack

牛津大学高级 副研究员

Senior Research Associate, University of Oxford


14:00PM, April 19th, 2019


Room 203, Think Tank Building, Fudan University


Fudan Development Institute


Global financial standard-setting has been the exclusive domain of advanced economies for decades. Following the 2008-09 crisis, China and other emerging markets and developing economies obtained formal membership in the forums of global financial regulatory governance. Has their incorporation changed global regulatory politics? We analyze the epistemic contestation, bargaining, and persuasion surrounding the latest item on the financial regulatory reform agenda of the G20 and the Financial Stability Board: non-bank credit intermediation. Our findings support and refine salient theories of global regulatory politics, and underscore the importance of epistemic concerns for debates over the consequences of entry into the core institutions of global financial governance of new actors from the ‘Global South’.