Inviting Contributions to China Watch 2017

To construct new-type think tanks, promote the conversion between research and policy-making advice, and provide more high-quality reports and advices, Fudan Development Institute and Centre for Think-tanks Research and Management in Shanghai decide to solicit contributions from Chinese and overseas scholars to China Watch. China Watch focuses on hot issues in various fields of China. In the first semimonthly, it selects the latest achievements of top foreign think tanks, themed by ‘International Perspectives and Forefront Issues’; in the second one, it collects the policy analysis of Chinese experts, themed by ‘Chinese Think Tanks and Contributions to Development’.



1. This contribution should be policy analysis or advice, reflecting author’s deep thinking of forward-looking and comprehensive issues. Topics include but are not limited to Chinese domestic affairs, foreign policies, economy, society, education and other issues involving China’s development.

2. The English edition could be articles published by foreign think tanks or major media in English (if the article is in other foreign language, please attach a 200-word abstract), or English research achievements of yourself. If the contribution is accepted by editorial department, it will be translated by the referrer or editorial department.

3. The Chinese edition is open to all the institutions and individuals. The topic is decided by yourself and the language should be succinct and not academic. 3000 words are proper, and there should be an introduction of the author within 100 words in the end. If the contribution is involved in sensitive issues, please burn it onto disc and post it to the editorial department with paper edition instead of sending it by email.



1. Email address: Please fill the title of your contribution in the email subject and attach the following information (very important): Article, Author, Referrer, Address, Email, and Telephone Number.

2. One contribution at a time. Please not deliver more than one contribution at a time, or deliver repeatedly.

3. The contribution could be delivered to other publications and we’ll reply in one month. If the contribution is accepted, the editorial department will reward it.


Contact Information

Contact: Hao Huang, Keli Wang, Yanyan Xin

Phone: 021-5566 5596


Address: Thinktank Building, Fudan University, 220 Handan Rd., Yangpu District, Shanghai

Post Code: 200433


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