Call for papers Fudan Latin America University Consortium (FLAUC) Annual Meeting 2017


From November 7th to 9th, the first annual meeting of Fudan-Latin America University Consortium (FLAUC), which is also known as FLAUC Annual Meeting 2017, will be held in Bogotá, Colombia. 

Among the various activities during the annual meeting, there will be two workshops focusing on the development issues of both China and Latin America. The topics of the workshops are New Ways towards Sustainable Development and Economic Growth: Dialogue between China and Latin America, and Development and the National Middle-Income Trap: China-Latin America Experience. The workshop organizers welcome paper submissions from scholars who would be interested in attending the meeting. 

Please find below more details about the call for paper.


Fudan Latin America University Consortium (FLAUC) meeting 2017

“New ways towards sustainable development and economic growth: 

Dialogue between China and Latin America”

November 07 to 09 - Bogotá D.C., Colombia

Hosted by Universidad del Rosario and Universidad de los Andes




On May 27th, 2017, twelve prestigious Latin-American universities and Fudan University (China) signed an agreement to foster high-quality academic cooperation denominated the Fudan-Latin America University Consortium – FLAUC. Given the outstanding academic performance of its members, FLAUC will contribute to the establishment of long-term cooperation including, but not limited to, the organization of academic conferences, faculty exchanges, research cooperation, and annual leadership meetings. As an innovative cooperation platform among higher education institutions, FLAUC will provide fertile ground for cooperation among academics, strengthening mutual understanding, inspiring new thoughts, spreading ideas and building up reputation. 

The first annual meeting of FLAUC will take place in Bogotá (Colombia) between November 07 and 09, 2017. In addition, on November 8, , both the Universidad del Rosario and the Universidad de los Andes will host an academic workshop to be held in both campuses. FLAUC members agreed that this workshop will focus on the main issues related to the transition process in China and growing nexus with Latin American economies, in terms of economic growth and socioeconomic development. 

Indeed, during the last fifteen years, both China and Latin America have experienced remarkable performance in terms of GDP growth, poverty reduction and the consolidation of the middle class. However, since the end of 2014, the reduction of commodity prices in world markets and the Chinese economic slowdown have brought to the surface concerns about the robustness of social advances achieved during the first decade of this century. 

Consequently, the workshop organizers welcome submissions of unpublished original papers related with in the following topics: 

·         Socioeconomic challenges of transition countries (poverty alleviation, consolidation of the middle class, informality, among others)

·         The role of higher education (HE) in economic growth as social development (quality and relevance of HE, competences for the 4th industrial revolution, among others)

·         Urbanization, population transition and economic growth

·         Innovation and firm productivity in transition economies

·         Intellectual property to foster innovation 

Paper submissions will be peer reviewed by a scientific committee composed by faculty members of both host universities. Papers must be written in English. 

Papers must be submitted (in pdf format) to the following email address:

. Only complete papers will be considered by the scientific committee organizing the workshop. The submission deadline is October 08, 2017. 

Authors of accepted papers are expected to attend the workshop and present the paper in English, which is the official language of the workshop. 

The current call for papers is restricted to FLAUC members (faculty and graduate students), and so authors of accepted papers are encouraged to find financial support to attend the workshop. Limited financial support will be provided by the host universities based on the merits of the submission.


Important dates: 

Full papers submissions : October 08, 2017

Acceptance decision by the organizing committee : October 13, 2017

Merit-based financial support allocations: October 20, 2017


Fudan-Latin America University Consortium (FLAUC)

Development and the National Middle-Income Trap:

China-Latin America experiences

November 7, 8 and 9, 2018

Teconólogico de Monterrey

Bogotá, Colombia 



The Fudan-Latin America University Consortium (FLAUC) is pleased to announce a call for papers for “Development and the National Middle-Income Trap: China-Latin America experiences,” a conference to be held at Universidad del Rosario, on November 7, 8 & 9, 2017. 

With this conference, FLAUC aims to promote research and academic discussion on issues related to the experiences of development in China and Latin America and their impact on society. Proposed themes include models of development, historical and geographical perspective of development, macroeconomics, public policy, business environmental, multinationals and development, human resources, innovation and development and international development cooperation. 

All participants will be required to provide a draft of their conference paper before the conference to allow discussants adequate time to prepare their comments. Papers must represent original work not already published or in press. 

Participants are invited to submit their paper for consideration for the edited book. This book will be indexed in a double-blind peer-reviewed process and will publish in English in a prestigious academic international editorial. 

Submission of Proposals:

Paper proposals should be sent to and should include:

1)    A title and abstract (250 words maximum)

2)    A CV or personal statement indicating a record of research and publication related to the workshop theme.


Submission Deadline:

·         Abstract: September 30th, 2017

·         Confirmation of acceptance: October, 6th, 2017

·         Conference: November 9th, 2017

·         Final Version: February 28th, 2018


The Fudan-Latin America University Consortium (FLAUC) is a platform for cooperation between universities and think tanks to promote friendly and mutual trust and promote multilateral exchanges and interactions.  Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, 6 countries 12 universities including Universidad de Campinas, Universidad de Sao Paulo, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad de la Plata, Universidad de Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, ESAN, UNAM, Universidad de San Marcos, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Universidad de los Andes and Universidad del Rosario issued initiative. The initiative aims to establish the platform for cooperation and communication between the Fudan University and the Latin American well-known universities and think tanks, through the establishment of the union, to promote both sides to establish long-term cooperative relations with academic conferences, teachers and students to exchange and research cooperation, promote in-depth exchanges, promote high-end dialogue.