Call for Papers|Young Researchers’ Workshop





本届青年学者论坛由复旦大学中华文明国际研究中心和德国汉堡大学研究生院 “中国 在欧洲,欧洲在中国:过去与现在”项目组联合举办。  对中欧交往的研究涉及政治、文化、社会等多个领域,并且日益显著的受到人文科学中跨区域研究方法的影响。本届国际论坛致力于促进对中欧关系的再思考,推动相关研究,为青年学者提供更广阔的学术交流平台。 



请将摘要(约 250 字)和个人简历2017 年 7 月 15 日前发送至黄晨老师

联系电话: +86-21-55664196

请于2017 年8 月15 日前提交稿件全文(约8000 字)。  


Call for Papers  

Young Researchers’ Workshop  

Sino-European Entanglements in the Age of Globalization  

Fudan University, Shanghai  

September 11-12, 2017  

Convened by the International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization, Fudan University in  Shanghai, China and the Graduate School “China in Europe, Europe in China: Past and  Present” at the University of Hamburg, Germany. 

The international workshop will create a platform for young researchers working on the manifold and complex relations between China and Europe in politics, culture and society.  Given the recent rise in significance of transnational approaches in the humanities, the  workshop aims at rethinking the multi-faceted processes of Sino-European entanglements,  encounters and exchanges in the modern era. 

Papers may discuss, but are not limited to the following topics: 

·New approaches in Sino-European studies  
·Dissemination of knowledge and concepts   
·Cultural embeddedness in historical contexts   
·Trajectories of cultural memory  
·Cultural flows across borders  
·Literary dialogues and translation  
·Negotiations of (post-)colonial legacies  

PhD candidates as well as Postdocs associated with Fudan University are invited to apply.  Together with young scholars from Hamburg, participants will give a twenty-minute  presentation, followed by remarks and discussions chaired by professors from both  universities. 

Please send your abstracts (approx. 250 words) as well as your CV to Ms. HUANG  Chen by July 15, 2017.  

Tele: +86-21-55664196


The deadline to submit full papers (approx. 8,000 words) will be August 15, 2017. 
The workshop language is English.