Call for applications ——Postdoctoral Fellow/Junior Research Fellow

上海纽约大学环球亚洲研究中心(Center for Global Asia, NYU Shanghai)与复旦大学亚洲研究中心(Asia Research Center, Fudan University)合作,共同推进中国的亚洲研究。因科研需要,2017年度公开招聘博士后研究人员1人,热忱欢迎国内外优秀青年博士申请,录取结果将基于候选人个人学术背景及学校经费安排等综合考量。


Call for applications

——Postdoctoral Fellow/Junior Research Fellow

Center for Global Asia, NYU Shanghai

Asia Research Center, Fudan University


The Center for Global Asia at NYU Shanghai and the Asia Research Center at Fudan University have launched a collaborative project to promote the study of Asia in China. As part of this collaboration, the two institutions are jointly offering a position of Postdoctoral Fellow, which is open to outstanding researchers from China. The selection process will be based on academic merit and necessary budgetary approvals.


1.Research focus and position description

Research area: China's Asian Connections prior to 1949

Working language: English and Chinese

Position description: The person will have the title of “Postdoctoral Fellow” at Center for Global Asia at NYU Shanghai, and concurrently hold the title of “Junior Research Fellow” at the Asia Research Center at Fudan University. The term of contract is for one year (2017 - 2018 academic year).



Qualified applicant should be a citizen of China and below the age of 40 years. She/he should have received a doctoral degree from a reputable university in the field of humanities and social science before 1 August, 2016. Publication in relevant field is desirable. Preference will be given to those who are fluent in English and have study-abroad experience.


3.Application materials and process

Please include the following documents with your application:

1)    Detailed CV in both English and Chinese;

2)    1-2 published articles (electronic copies).

3)    1 recommendation letter written by expert in relevant field of study.

Submit the required materials to: before 15 July, 2017.


Qualified applicants will be notified for interview after preliminary selection. The application outcome will be announced before 1 September, 2017.


4. Benefits and expectation

The Center for Global Asia at NYU Shanghai and the Asia Research Center at Fudan University will jointly provide office facilities, accommodation and competitive stipend package to the Postdoctoral Fellow. In addition to research and publication, the Postdoctoral Fellow will also be expected to assist in the collaborative activities between the two research institutions, including but not limited to editing newsletter and organizing conferences and workshops.


5. Contact

Institution: Center for Global Asia at NYU Shanghai


Contact Person: Ms. Pan ZHAO




职位说明:该职位为上海纽约大学环球亚洲研究中心博士后研究人员(Postdoctoral Fellow),同时为复旦大学亚洲研究中心特约青年研究员。聘期为一年(2017-2018学年)。












四、   支持条件和工作要求



五、   联系方式