2019 BRICS Summit: Taking Lessons Forward

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On Nov 13-14, the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa gathered in Brasilia for the 11thBRICS Summit under the theme “Economic Growth for an Innovative Future.” Hosted by the Center for BRICS Studies at Fudan University in partnership with the School for International Relations and Public Affairs, the “2019 BRICS Summit: Taking Lessons Forward” will deliberate on how to take forward the commitments in the joint declaration of the 11thBRICS Summit and identify avenues to maximize member countries' contribution to the BRICS partnership during the Russian presidency in 2020 on topics like energy cooperation, new industrial revolution, and the New Development Bank. The event will mark the symbolic transfer of the BRICS presidency from Brazil to Russia and bring together Shanghai-based diplomats, scholars, journalists, foreign experts and guests. 



1Taking stock of the Brazilian presidency and priorities for Russia 2020.

2How can the BRICS maximizepartnership including on energy cooperation, the new industrial revolution, and the New Development Bank?



9: 00am – 1: 00pm 3rd December, 2019



Fudan University - 220 Handan Road, Think Tank Building, room 209



Center for BRICS Studies, FDDI, Fudan University

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