Development Strategies for Latin American Countries

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Development Strategies for Latin American Countries

October 10th, 2019

@Room 106, Think Tank Building,
Fudan University

14:00    Opening Remarks
             Carolina Romano, Professor,

             Catholic University of Salta
14:05    Development Model, Welfare Regimes, and Inequality in Latin America
             Ian Prates, Researcher, Brazilian
             Center for Analysis and Planning
14:20    Society and Sensibilities: consumption and visual experience in Latin America and China. A Comparative Study
             Zhang Jingting, Postdoctoral
             Fellow, SISU    
14:35    A Strategic Approach for the Sino-South American Relationship under China's New Normal
             Santiago Bustelo, PhD candidate,
             Fudan University
14:50    Development as Dependency, Development as Autonomy: industrial and foreign policies in Brazil from 1930 to the present    
             Demetrio Toledo, Professor,
             Federal University of ABC    
15:05    Mexico: development based on an ‘open economy’ and FTAs since 1989
             M.I.A Amado Trejo Romero,
             Director, Asia Representative
             Office, Autonomous University
             of Nuevo Leon
15:20    Chilean Development Model and International Insertion
             Felipe Muñoz, Professor,
             University of Chile
15:35    Argentina: Between Autonomy and Peripheral Realism, a development model under construction
             Carolina Romano, Professor,
             Catholic University of Salta
15:50    Discussion
             Moderator: LIU Yongtao,
             Professor,Fudan University


Latin America presents itself to the world as an asymmetrical region, full of contrasts. It is because of that that one of its characteristics is that it features different development models, as different as their foreign policy strategies, with proposals such as autonomy or South-South development.

The reality of Latin American is conditioned by the increasingly fast scientific and technological progress, the processes of its internal politics and territorial reorganization, the reorganization of their productive systems and the concentration of technological, economic, military and political power.

The goal of this conference is to present relevant aspects of the developmental models in Latin America that define its international relations.

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