The 7th Shanghai Hamburg Forum

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The 7th Shanghai Hamburg Forum

Knowledge Production in a Global Context

Organized by

Fudan University / Universität Hamburg

International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization at Fudan University

Time: Friday, April 12th, 2019
Place: Conference Room 103, East Wing, Guanghua Tower, Fudan University


Opening Ceremony 09:00-09:30  
Chair: Professor JIN Guangyao, Director of the International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization, Fudan University
Opening Remarks: Professor CHEN Zhimin, Vice President of Fudan University
Opening Remarks: Professor Susanne Rupp, Vice President of Universität Hamburg
Group Photo

Panel 1  09:30-10:30 
Chair:Professor JIN Guangyao
ProfessorSUN Jiang (Nanjing University)
Trans-cultural Studies of Conceptual History in China

Professor Dominic Sachsenmaier (University of Göttingen)
Knowledge Production in 17th-Century Chinese Christianity: Global and Local Dimensions of Power and Faith
Tea Break   10:30-10:45

Panel 2      10:45-11:45
Chair: Professor JIN Guangyao

Professor ZHANG Qing (Fudan University)
Interconnection and theProfessionaliztion of Historiography in Modern China

Professor Elisabeth Kaske (Leipzig University) 
Knowledge is not Power: The Problem of Agency in Spreading Western Knowledge during the Yangwu Reforms
Panel 3  13:30-14:30
Chair:Professor Michael Friedrich (University of Hamburg)
Professor HE Jun (Fudan University)
Centralization of Local Knowledge and its Consequences: a Case Study of Hu Xue 

Professor Barend J. ter Haar (Universität Hamburg)
The rise of –isms in the study of Chinese religious culture
Tea Break   14:30-14:45


Panel 4  14:45-15:45
Chair:Professor Michael Friedrich

Professor Fan Jin (East China Normal University)
Richard Wilhelm’s Chinese Dream

Professor Giuseppe Veltri (Universität Hamburg)
Perception of the commonalities: Matteo Ricci’s diary on Muslim, Jews, and Christian from Kaifeng
Tea Break   15:45-16:00


Panel 5    16:00-17:00
Chair:Professor Michael Friedrich

Professor LI Shuangzhi (Fudan University)
A Global Moment in German literature: A Case Study of Hofmannsthal’s Eurasian Writing 

Doctor Juliane Noth (Heidelberg University)
European Art History and the Reform of Chinese Art at the National Academy of Arts in Hangzhou, 1928–1936


Simultaneous interpretation is available at the Forum



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