Young Researchers’ Workshop Cultural Exchange and Knowledge Production between China and Europe

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Fudan University, Shanghai
April 13, 2019

Organized by

International Center for Studies of Chinese Civilization, Fudan University

Graduate School “China in Europe, Europe in China: Past and  Present” , Universität Hamburg

Time:April 13th, 2019

Venue: Room 106, Think Tank Building


09:15-10:15     Panel 1    

Chair: Professor Susanne Rupp

1.Adrian Krawczyk (Universität Hamburg)
The Production of Ideology in Western Scholarship on Chinese Marxism

2.Stefanie Sinmoy Schaller(Universität Hamburg)

The commemoration of war in the People’s Republic of China


10:15-10:30       Coffee Break

10:30-11:30     Panel 2    

Chair:Professor JIN Guangyao

1.Kevin Bockholt(Universität Hamburg)

Chinese Reporting on the First World War from 1914 to 1918

2. LI Zhenwen (Fudan University)

Discovery or invention? Haxthausen’s view of the tradition of Russian peasant commune and its reidentification


13:30-15:00     Panel 3    

Chair: Professor Barend J. ter Haar (Universität Hamburg)

1.YI Xia (Fudan University)

Pre-Raphaelites’ Uncanny Aesthetics and Chinese writers

2.Babette Bernhardt(Universität Hamburg)

Translating the socialist world: Cross-national translation and consumption of literature between China and East Germany

3.QIAN Yibing ( Fudan University)

Moved by the Chinese Nymph of tears: The spreading of Singlo tea in western world

15:00-15:30        Coffee Break

15:30-16:30     Panel 4    

Chair: Professor Michael Friedrich  (Universität Hamburg)

1.Stefan Christ (Universität Hamburg)

The Reconceptualization of "Theatre" in Twentieth Century China

2.Sebas Rümke (Universität Hamburg)

Comparative History-Writing in Republican-Era China: Between Nationalism and



16:30-17:00       Discussion


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