Intercultural Communication and Mediatization in the Spanish Public Sphere: a social semiotic perspe

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Intercultural Communication and Mediatization in the Spanish Public Sphere: 

a social semiotic perspective

Speaker:  Cristina Peñamarín Beristain


Full profesor of Complutense University of Madrid in Communication Theory and Semiotics. She was Director de the Editorial Complutense. She was Vice-president and founder of Spanish Semiotics Association. She is Director of the research group “Semiotics, communication and culture” of UCM.


The Public Sphere - local or translocal, micro or macro, peripheral or central- is a public communication space on common issues that involves the connection and translation between social actors, who depend on that space to acquire knowledge, experience and memory of the world and of the actions of their representatives. Media are not autonomous agents, but a part, an actor that participates, with its own aims and capabilities, in the joint action that makes the Public Sphere possible, in which also participate other social actors, who try to adapt their discourses and goals to the media logics.

Time: 14:00,  April 2nd, 2019.

VenueRoom 106, Think Tank Building, Fudan University

Host: Fudan Development Institute, Fudan College of Foreign Languages and Literature.

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