FDDI Overseas Visiting Scholar Seminar (50)

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 FDDI Overseas Visiting Scholar Seminar (50)


Time :

14:00, November 23th, 2018



 Room106, Think Tank Building, Fudan University


Host :

Fudan Development Institute



Lucas Jose Dib  

Research Associate and Executive Manager, the Center for Studies on New Developmentalism of Sao Paulo School of Economics of FGV



Continuities and Discontinuities in Legal and Institutional Experimentation in Multilateral Development Finance: An Analysis of the NDB and the AIIB



Dr. Caio Borges

PhD candidate (Law) - University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil.



The architecture of International Development Cooperation is undergoing profound transformation. Two of the most recent players are institutions led by developing and emerging countries: the New Development Bank (NDB) and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Which particular features distinguish these institutions from traditional ones, such as the World Bank? In which ways they innovate in the legal and institutional design of MDBs? This seminar will discuss key aspects of the institutional design of the AIIB and NDB (including governance structures, lending instruments and accountability mechanisms), assessing their effectiveness and legitimacy to tackle pressing challenges of global development policy and sustainable development in the 21st century.

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