BRICS and Rise of the Post-Western World

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FDDI Overseas Visiting Scholar Seminar (30)

BRICS and Rise of the Post-Western World


时间 Time

2017年12月14日 14:00

14:00, December14th, 2017

地点 Venue


Room203, Think Tank Building, Fudan University

主办 Host


Fudan Development Institute

主持人 Chair


沈逸   ShenYi


Director, Center for BRICS Studies, FudanDevelopment Institute





Oliver Stuenkel 


AssociateProfessor of International Relations,

GetulioVargas Foundation in São Paulo, Brazil


摘要 Abstract

With the United States' superpower status rivalled by arising China and emerging powers like India and Brazil playing a growing rolein international affairs, the global balance of power is shifting. But whatdoes this mean for the future of the international order? Will China dominatethe 21st Century? Will the so-called BRICS prove to be a disruptive force inglobal affairs? Are we headed towards a world marked by frequent strife, orwill the end of Western dominance make the world more peaceful?

Our understanding of global order and predictions about itsfuture are limited because we seek to imagine the post-Western world from aparochial Western-centric perspective. Such a view is increasingly inadequatein a world where a billions of people regard Western rule as a temporaryaberration, and the rise of Asia as a return to normalcy. In reality, China andother rising powers that elude the simplistic extremes of either confronting orjoining existing order are quietly building a 'parallel order' which complementstoday's international institutions and increases rising powers' autonomy. 


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