Brazil Meets the East: from the mutuallack of knowledge to a privileged partnership

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FDDI Overseas Visiting Scholar Seminar(27)


2017年12月8日 14:00丨14:00PM, December 8th, 2017

地点 Venue

复旦大学智库楼203室丨Room 203, Think Tank Building, Fudan University

主办 Host

复旦发展研究院 丨Fudan Development Institute

主持人 Chair

沈逸 丨复旦发展研究院金砖国家研究中心主任

Shen Yi 丨Director, Center for BRICS Studies, Fudan Development Institute


Brazil Meets the East: from the mutual lack of knowledge to a privileged partnership



Gustavo Westmann



Head of the Economic and Commercial Offices

Embassy of Brazil to Indonesia




What are the ongoing strategies of Brazil to Asia, in special to China? How has Brazil been perceiving the most recent strategic challenges in the region? What are the perspectives to the next years?

I order to answer these questions, the seminar will start with a brief discussion on still existing mutual stereotypes and cultural differences, as a way to emphasize the potential of further approximation. In a second moment, there will a brief analysis of the current institutional crisis in Brazil and its impacts on the strategies developed to Asia, in special to China, in the areas of trade, cooperation and political alliance, including the BRICS. At last, the discussion will be oriented to the perception of Brazil and other South American countries about strategic economic and security issues in the region, and its potential impacts to the Western world.




Proceed to the tallest campusbuilding Guanghua Towers. On the left hand side within 50 m distance you willfind Think Tank Building (red color). 




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