Changqi LU

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卢长祺先生1984年进入复旦大学应用力学系,1988年毕业获学士学位,1991年毕业获理学硕士学位。毕业后,卢先生先后工作于美国Hewlett Packard公司在华的合资企业,法国MATRA公司在华的合资企业,并担任高级经理。 



Founder of Ample Harvest Finance

Mr. Lu Changqi entered Fudan University in 1984. He received a bachelor’s degree in applied mechanics in 1988 and a master degree of science in 1991. After graduation, Mr. Lu worked for the joint venture of Hewlett Packard, an American enterprise and later worked as a senior manager for the joint venture of MARTA, a French enterprise.

Starting up his own business in 1996, he succeeded in investing and successfully supported many Chinese companies in listing on A-shares and H-shares in China and NYSE in U.S.

In 2010, in the form of joint ventures with Harvest Fund, his company specialized in providing financial investment and business with structural financial instruments. Later on, platforms like Ample Harvest Joint Venture, Ample Harvest Finance, Ample Harvest Capital, etc were constructed in sequence, establishing inclusive fund with over ten central enterprises and large state-owned enterprises. Its managerial fund and business transaction are accumulated to more than RMB 30 billion yuan.

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