Fudan Development Institute · Visiting Scholar Program (2019 Fall Semester)

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FDDI(Fudan Development Institute)welcomes international scholars to apply for its Visiting Scholar Program. Scholars will interact with Fudan faculty and conducttheir independent research at FDDI.

FDDI welcomes academics and researchers in the social sciences who meet the following requirements:


·   Applicants must be 55 years of age or under.

·   Applicants should be faculty members or researchers at universities or research institutes outside mainland China.

·   Research interests should be in one of the following fields: political science, sociology, economics, environment, finance, and other social sciences.

·   Preference is given to policy-oriented research.

·   Applicants must be able to visit 30-90 days during the 2019 Fall Semester (September 1st, 2019 - January 11th, 2020).

Application Process

Deadline: May 31st, 2019

Notification of acceptance: early July 2019

Application Materials

Documents required for application (in English):

·   The application form

·   Curriculum Vitae

·   High-resolution picture of the applicant (JPEG or PNG)

·   Research proposal (minimum of 2 pages)

·   One recommendation letter from an expert in the applicant’s field or the director at the applicant’s institution


·   FDDI will provide a subsidy package including:

    · Subsidy for international transportation:¥5000.00 RMB

    · Subsidy for insurance: ¥600.00 RMB

    · Subsidy for accommodation: ¥300.00 RMB /day

    · Subsidy for living expenses: ¥300.00 RMB/day.

·   Visiting Scholars enjoy full access to libraries and electronic resources at Fudan University.

·   FDDI provides each Visiting Scholar with free office space accessible (except for University holidays).

·   Visiting Scholars are welcome to attend lectures and public events on the University campus, including those organized by the FDDI.

·   FDDI offers platforms and publication opportunities in academic journals and Chinese media.

·   Visiting scholars have free field trip opportunities.


·   Visiting Scholars conduct their research independently on one of the following topics:

        ·   Emerging Economies

        ·   Technology in Society

        ·   Cyber Governance

        ·   Case Studies for Development

·   All Visiting Scholars are to submit a final research report. Visiting Scholars are required to work at FDDI office at least two days per week.

·   Visiting scholars should make at least one presentation on his/her research topic.

·   Visiting Scholars are required to provide at least one article on China studies for FDDI publications. They can either submit their own works or recommend articles from others.

☆  Selected reports, articles, and essays that Visiting Scholars submit to the FDDI will be recommended to FDDI publishing partners. Please ensure that the reports, articles, and essays submitted do not cause any copyright conflicts.


Ms. JIAO Luxi

Project Manager

Fudan Development Institute

Tel: +86-21-65642871

Email: fdifudan@fudan.edu.cn

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