“Serve the nation” is the fundamental principle that has run through the development history of Fudan University. In 1993, Fudan Development Institute was founded in order to practice and accomplish the mission. During the past two decades, with the target of contributing to developing the nation, the Institute has always been sticking to a correct political stance, pursuing academic excellence and devoted to policy-making consultation. The Institute focuses on the development of the nation and of all human beings, and provides advice on social progress.

Depending on comprehensive disciplinary advantages of Fudan University in arts, science, medical science and engineering, the Institute has been exploring institutional innovation to promote the integration of disciplines in response to the needs of the nation. It conducts researches in the fields of politics, economics, culture, social science, diplomacy, technology and so on, incorporating and nurturing 13 multi-disciplinary and international institutions on academic research and policy-making consultation. The Institute hosts a variety of national and international conferences, including China University Think Tank Forum and Shanghai forum. It also undertakes daily managements and operations of several institutions including Silk Road Think Tank Association as a founding member and Center for Think-Tanks Research and Management in Shanghai.

FDDI is one of the pioneers in promoting globalization of think tanks in China. It is the first domestic think tank to establish “Overseas Center for China Studies” abroad and accepts visiting scholars from abroad. The overseas centers have become important diplomatic platforms to discuss issues such as the development of China, global governance, etc.

The Institute also takes the lead in exploring educational functions of think tanks. It is among the first think tanks in China to set the positions such as Visiting Scholar and Academic Assistant and to establish Students Consulting and Decision-making Society in order to achieve better performance on training and fostering talents.

After several years’ efforts, Fudan Development Institute is now playing a more and more significant role in integrating and interacting with think tanks domestic and abroad. It is on its way to becoming a high-end think tank with international influence and prestige.


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