FDDI's Postdoctor Offering Advice for Food and Agriculture Organization

On November 27th, Dr Jiang Lu delivered an online speech under the theme of “Chinese Agricultural Investment in Africa: Business or Development” on the Governance Dialogue Seminar.




FDDI Overseas Visiting Scholar Seminar(64)


Room 203, Think Tank Building, Fudan University

  • European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, European Council President Donald Tusk and European Union's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier react
  • The likely tough competition for energy resources and food production in the future will make ocean cluster development vital to sustainable economic growth and mitigation of climate risks.
  • Following his recent death, Vanguard Group founder Jack Bogle was widely and generously eulogized – and justifiably so. But if everyone followed Bogle’s investment strategy, market prices would turn into nonsense and would provide no direction to economic